Chilli Con Carne Parcel

Premium grass fed beef mince with a delicious mix of mild Mexican herbs and spices, juicy crushed tomatoes and red kidney beans, encased in flaky, buttery puff pastry. Each mouthful is a taste sensation!

Tasty Tips

Enjoy your parcel with a side of steamed greens or a fresh salad. For extra indulgence, add sour cream and cheese.


  1. Preheat oven to 200°C
  2. Remove frozen parcel from packaging and plastic
  3. Place it onto a tray and into the oven for 35 - 45 minutes or until golden brown
  4. Remove from the oven (Caution: contents and tray will be hot. Handle with care)

Your parcel is ready to enjoy!

Note: this is a cook from frozen product.
Once cooked please do not refreeze
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