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The Black Rock Beef Family


Although, often cussing at dry skies in North Queensland, Dad is very passionate about agricultural industries in general. He is ever the enthusiast and completely unaware of the meaning of retirement. This ideas machine is scaring us with the endless possibilities and opportunities he continues to devise. Please someone come and sell him a boat. With his entrepreneurial mind considering this idea for years, it was his faith in the product, concept and in his children that is truly responsible for Black Rock Beef Co. coming to fruition.


A woman of women to be reckoned with. She’s a domestic powerhouse and the kind of Mother we aspire to be one day. Working all day out on the land along-side her husband, she would then get home and prepare a family meal for 6 that she consciously intended would grow strong healthy bodies for life. Oh, and make the lunches for the next day. All whilst simultaneously raising and home schooling 4 children until grade 7-8. And in case you are wondering, yes, we do feel inadequate by comparison. With a passion for travelling and cooking new and delicious food for her friends and family, her recipe book collection needs its own library and her personal repertoire of perfected family favourites needs its own recipe book.


Being the eldest sister, Casey naturally helped out in the house with her younger, (often annoying) siblings, so needless to say she definitely learnt her way around a kitchen early on. Her caring, responsible and organized nature translates well in business, so if you hear a peculiar ‘Tick. Tick. Tick.’ in her presence, don’t be alarmed, it’s just her wining at life and dominating another ‘To Do’ list. By ‘profession’ she is a cosmetic aesthetician, now combine that skill with her aptitude for all things social media and her love of taking photos, you’ll recognize that Casey is the creative clicker behind our beautifully presented Facebook and Instagram pages.


Sara is as fierce and vibrant as her much admired long red locks. She’s a perfectionist with a keen eye and has a firm handshake for business. So whether it’s fussing over the minute particulars of a font style or negotiating contracts clauses, this girl is on fire. Of course on the flip side, after every small triumph we have to watch another one of her entertaining victory dances…now this is a sight! Fuse her unrelenting yet warm nature with a passion for all things aesthetic, you can see that our beautifully crafted packaging has Sara’s vision and attention to detail written all over it!

Casey and Sara have their primary strengths in the business however, the lines are blurred and together they are both cooks, cleaners, the marketing, accounts and customer service team, the directors and mangers, the bosses and the laborers, they wear ALL the hats.


Both ‘Wongalee special’s’ we think they are as wild and rugged as the land they grew up on. They both finished boarding school and headed straight back to property like a couple of home bound ponies (quickly with a side of cheek). These two are the honest taste testers for all new recipes and since they’ve been fending for themselves at home, they have curated a few special dishes of their own.

If you can’t find them at the homestead or working on the property, chasing cattle, fixing waters or fence lines, Luke will no doubt be found sky high racking up hours with his newly acquired helicopter license and Jake can be adventuring anywhere, playing or watching football, casting a line or fishing a beer out of the esky.


Bree-Anne has won employee of the month for over 12 months running, she is also our only employee, non the less. Currently studying to complete her Law Degree, Bree is a pocket rocket in the kitchen and a dearly valued and integral part of the team. Don’t try to poach her.

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